Today we are very pleased to announce the launch of! is a unique delayed messaging service allowing you to compose email messages now which remain unsent as long as you click a special “Postpone” link, at a recurring interval you specify, to continue to postpone the sending of your message…

What’s the point in that then? We hear you ask! Well, here’s just a few examples of how can be used:

Example 1:
Leave your loved ones with more than just memories after your death – Compose a message on, set the postponement interval to say 6 months, then all you need to do is click a link twice a year to “hold off” the sending of your message… once you’re no longer able to do this, in less than 6 months, will automatically deliver your messages to your loved ones on your behalf
Example 2:
If you’re going on a blind-date with someone you’ve never met, before you go out use to postpone a message for a few hours, which can then automatically notify friends & family if you don’t return when expected
Example 3:
If you’re planning a remote trip or expedition lasting say 3 days, just before you go compose a message on and postpone it for say 4 days. When you return from your adventure, cancel the message… if you don’t return after 4 days, your message will automatically be sent to alert friends or family that you’re missing

See what it’s all about for yourself now at

Best Regards,
The Team